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Radiology Technologist Work: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 1, 2017

Radiography technologists have an opportunity to greatly assist the radiologists by performing high quality exams.  Unfortunately there is variable quality seen in radiography. I explain how these top ten quality tips will greatly reduce errors in the radiology department and improve the ability for radiologists to make an accurate diagnosis.  


Dr. Rice’s Radiography Top Ten:

1. Verify that all images and notes are in PACS for the radiologist.
2. Use a lead side marker with your initials.
3. Remove all clothing,  jewelry, and other foreign objects from the field.
4. Use a metal pointer on the area of maximal bone or joint pain.
5. Abdomen x-ray must show both sides of diaphragm and lesser trochanters. 
6. Shoulder x-ray must collimate to the shoulder and have 3 views.
7. Wrist X-ray must include a scaphoid view if patient is age 10 or older.
8. CXR must include both lung apices and both lung bases.
9. Accession #, order, and study description for the exam must match the images in PACS.
10. Indication must be available to the radiologist.


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Kevin M. Rice, MD serves as the Chair of the Radiology Department at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California and is a radiologist with Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates. Dr. Rice has made several media appearances as part of his ongoing commitment to public education. Dr. Rice's passion for state of the art radiology and teaching includes acting as a guest lecturer at UCLA. In 2015 Dr. Rice together with Natalie Rice founded Global Radiology CME to provide innovative radiology education at exciting international destinations, with the world's foremost authorities in their field. In 2016, Dr. Rice was nominated and became a semifinalist for a "Minnie" award for the Most Effective Radiology Educator.


Follow Dr. Rice on Twitter @KevinRiceMD


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